Nathalie Coppola

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« Strategy is basically about crossing rivers through bridges and crossing mountains over passes. »

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I support leaders and their teams through strategic decisions process, developing their company efficiency.


Nathalie Coppola supports you in achieving your ambitions.





Nathalie Coppola is a senior business consultant in strategy and coaching who supports CEOs and Managing Directors and their committees.


Regarding strategy, she guides companies losing momentum through strategic audits, entering the French market, and preparation for LBOs. 


Nathalie is expert at helping executive committees define the company vision and resulting strategies.  Thanks to her global, regional, and local sales leadership experience, she helps the development of effective sales forces over time. Nathalie is an intuitive and thoughtful coach, sharing her experience with CEOs, functional leaders, and assisting expatriates to be effective in local business culture. She is a direct selling expert with 25 years of successful experience at international companies, including Avon Products, Tupperware Brands, Nutrimetics, and Captain Tortue Group.


Over her career, Nathalie held leadership positions in marketing, sales, operations, and executive management as Managing Director and CEO for the last 15 years. Nathalie is a global leader comfortable throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.  She has led teams in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, UK, Switzerland and Spain.  She also for several years had a successful expatriate leadership experience in Australia and New Zealand. She is a strong leader — passionate, positive, results-oriented, and a high energy team builder. Nathalie has a Master of Marketing degree, graduating at the top of her class.  She also completed an Executive Management Program. She speaks French and English.


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